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About Quiet Rebel Design

Choose your own path


A Quiet Rebel

You choose your own path. Not with fanfare but with conviction. You do not make apologies but celebrate your individuality. You remain true to yourself while quietly breaking the rules.

My handcrafted artisan jewelry is designed with the quiet rebel in mind - the singular individual searching for unique jewelry pieces that reflect their quiet rebel soul.

"Janet makes jewelry with that “special something” 
that is so unique to us as individuals. 
I simply can’t get enough of Quiet Rebel designs." 
~Jodi K.

About Janet Blake

Janet Blake Metalsmith and Jewelry DesignerI am a self-taught metalsmith and jewelry designer who came to the craft of jewelry making via an unconventional path. After studying cello at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, MD, I was a performing musician and teacher for over 15 years. Along the way, I developed a love for the graphic arts and after more study, embarked on a second career in design.

What these have in common with making jewelry is my singular passion for creating with my hands. And what started as a hobby in 2013, quickly became a full-blown love affair. 

The Process

Janet Blake working in studioI handcraft each piece in my Western Massachusetts studio and find inspiration in the naturally imperfect world. I enjoy the organic process of letting a piece of jewelry take its shape as it is being made. Experimenting with metal and flame, I try to find a balance between thoughtful and spontaneous design.

I describe my jewelry as elegantly rustic. I hand select every gemstone and combine with the highest quality Argentium silver and 18K gold. The viewer is drawn in by the deceptively simple lines and vibrant color palette only to discover upon closer inspection, wonderfully seductive textural idiosyncrasies.

All Quiet Rebel designs are unique but can often be recreated with another size or stone. Please contact me to discuss having a custom piece made just for you.

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